In a couple of weeks I will be starting a new series around the whole idea of Breakout. The definition I am working from is, “a sudden advance to a new level.” I believe many people each year desire a breakout in some area of their life, whether it be in a marriage, parenting, a career, a health slump, remodeling a home, overcoming a habit, or breaking the monotony (mundaneness) of life. Obviously these areas center more around individuals, but I would say that the whole notion of breakout resides also within businesses, organizations, and [yes] even churches. Maybe business has been stale, creative juices have been clogged, profits have been down, membership has been down, attendance has been dwindling (or at a standstill), and morale is either in existent or discourage mode. And what is needed, what is longed for is a breakout—a movement to the next level.

We must understand that breaking-out is natural, or at least the very idea is. It is natural because growth is natural. God has designed and wired us to grow—whether physically, spiritually, relationally, emotionally, creatively, organizationally, etc. In all simplicity, to breakout is to grow. Therefore, when we want to breakout, we simply want to grow, to breakout of our current state. Where do you want a breakout? Where do you need a breakout?

Let’s say—for some odd reason—you do not want, or need, a breakout in any area of your life. I would turn to you and say, are you perfect? You mean there is nothing in your marriage you could do better, or improve in? You mean that your parenting and the way you respond, talk to, spend time with your kids couldn’t improve? You mean that there is nothing in your work or vocation that you could improve in? You mean that you handle your finances exactly the way you want—spending, saving, and giving? You mean the way you treat people and handle your friendships is flawless? Obviously, there is no one who lives life perfectly (if so, you must be part of the Trinity). Therefore, if we were honest, we all at some level need a breakout.

I know there are some areas in my life that I am desiring a breakout. For one, I want to finish my dissertation next year so I can receive my PhD. In addition, I want to lead my children and family better, more closer to King Jesus. And furthermore, I desire for the church I pastor, Western Oaks, to experience a breakout year. God has greatly used them and has primed them for a sudden advancement to the next level. My prayer for next year is that none of my breakouts would be in my own power, for my own glory, nor for my own good; but would be in the power of the Spirit, for the glory of Jesus, for the good of others.

Where do you need a breakout? Where do you need growth? Where do you want God to take you? So how do we move from here to there? How do we breakout from here to there? How do we grow from here to there? For one, in order to have a breakout we must have a breakdown. This is where we will begin January 12. See you then!

In the meantime, write down some areas you want, or need, a breakout. Also, have a happy new year!

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