Messages by Josh:

“Scared to Death of Killer Storms”—Mark 4:33–41

“The Attitude of the Gospel”—Philippians 2:1–11

“The Greatest Show”—The Story of God

“The Other Side”—Luke 18:18–30

“Common Good in a Divided Democracy”—How the Church Can Work for the Common Good

“You’re Invited”—Matthew 11:25–30

“Sharing the Authority”—Matthew 9:35–10:15

“Live Without Guardrails”—2 Samuel 11

“In Search of Glory”—Exodus 33:12–23

“The Lord’s Prayer”—Matthew 6:5–15

“When Life Sucks the Life Out of You”—1 Kings 19:1–8

“Living in the Land of OZ: How Then Shall we NOT Live”—Jeremiah 29:1–9

“Birth A Missional People”—John 1:1–18

“Bless the Nations”—Genesis 12:1–3

How to Ignite a Revolution (Acts 1:1–5)

God’s Revolutionary Mission (Acts 1:6–8)

 Revolutionary Generosity (Acts 4:32–37)


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