Every year millions of people have wonderful seasonal expectations of Christmas. From sales, to music, to family gatherings, to presents Christmas brings wonderful expectations for people of all ages and stages. However, on the other hand, Christmas potentially brings expectations of stress, hurt, sadness, and brokenness. For some, this may be the first Christmas without their loved one, without the children at home, or facing unemployment (and this list could go on and on…).

But for believers, for Christians, Christmas is about a much greater and deeper expectation than sales, music, family gatherings, and presents; in addition, Christmas brings expectations that do not leave us in our state of stress, hurt, sadness, or brokenness. In fact the expectations Christmas brings are of salvation, peace, hope, healing, renewal, and restoration. While Christmas may very well be the season of giving, it is about the greatest gift of all, God gifting himself to man in the person and work of Jesus Christ, in order to reverse the curse of our sinfulness and brokenness.

As our Christmas season comes and goes this week, let us not forget that the Christmas expectations we have as children of God continue throughout the year. For every single day we live and move in the here and now God is graciously present with us at work with his great grace. As God works his great grace in our lives saving, renewing, and restoring us in the image of Jesus, we must not forget that he is doing so in order that we live and share his great presence, grace, and salvation with others—from our spouse, to our children, to our extended family, as well as to those we work with, live near, and encounter everyday. This is what it means to be expecting Christmas. So, what are you expecting this Christmas; for the rest of the year; and even for next year?


Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright with the great light and life of Jesus! 

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