1) Hiring movers to help you move is money well spent

2) I love my children, but I am not called to be a stay-at-home dad

3) A dance style called “Gangnam Style” could become the most-watched You-Tube video of all time (If I had some rhythm, I might would even try it)

4) I will not buy another Kansas City Chiefs piece of clothing until they have a winning season (The way it looks, I may not be buying anything for a long time)

5) Celebrate your wins in life, whether they are small or large

6) God is sovereign—even if you think you missed some of the details

7) I can read a lot of books if I have to (I believe I read somewhere around 55)

8) The lure of sin is great and enticing and has the ability to bring down the strong (I have a few men in my life that I know who have fallen this past year)

9) The gospel, if you let, shapes, molds, and conforms you into the image of Jesus in all spheres of life (I love looking back to see how the gospel has impacted me personally, professionally, and in my family)

10) You are not promised tomorrow (The recent passing of my wonderful, beautiful, and godly sister-in-law, has provided a personal fresh reminder that life is temporary, a vapor, and passing; and that we must, as the psalmist says, allow God to teach us to number our days—fighting the good fight of faith)

I will post in the next couple of days what I look forward to in 2013

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