I am attempting to start a weekly series that writes on the following subjects:
– Monday is for Mission
– Tuesday is for Truth, Theology, and Treasure
– Wednesday is for Worship
– Thursday is for Thoughts on Ministry and Culture
– Friday is for Family

Although these topics may change and evolve overtime, my goal is to put my thoughts in writing.

So today is on mission. My simple thought for mission begins with the foundation for mission: the glory of God. If this is not our foundation, whether it be a church, a company, a organization, a non-profit, or an individual, the foundation is faulty at best. The glory and praise of God is the foundation of mission. If we fail to start here, the other facets of mission, such as the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, will not have the powerful force of the Spirit of God driving the mission, because it (the focus of the mission) will be on people-not the glory and supremacy of God. Let God be the center from which the mission originates.

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