Paul boldly proclaims how the Father qualified the believers of Colossae to share in the inheritance of the saints, as well as how He delivered them from the domain of darkness transferring them into the kingdom of the Beloved Son. Throughout Scripture, there is this contrasted kingdom. There is God’s kingdom and then there are the kingdom(s) of this world. Jesus through His death and resurrection accomplishes deliverance– delivering one from the kingdom of this world transferring them into the Beloved kingdom. In the kingdom(s) of this world, many things hold the place of primacy. Listing all the people, places, things, and other gods could truly be endless. However, in the kingdom of the Beloved, where He (Christ) is reconciling all things back to God, there is only room for one to hold the place of preeminency. Jesus purchased redemption of all creation, in order that all things might be redeemed and restored to the purpose for which they were created. The purpose of the creation of all things was to glorify God, and to prescribed to Him glory, honor, and praise as the one true God, the King of all creation. Therefore, as His redeemed people living in, but not of this world, we are to hold Jesus as preeminent. His primacy should filter into all spheres of life, for He is in the process of redeeming all creation to Himself.


What does this mean? This means that our families, vocation, minds, recreation, intellect, art, and sciences– in essence our culture and our being are in the process of being restored and reconciled to Jesus, where He hold the place of preeminence. The scope of Jesus’ redemption is as great as that of the fall (Albert Wolters). We apply this truth in our lives by submitting to Christ in all areas of our lives. We surrender our families to live under His rule and reign and to glorify, praise, and proclaim Him. In our vocation, we utilize our platform to allow God to display through us what this vocation would look like if in the realm of God’s kingdom. This is in essence how we advance and are agents of God’s soon coming consummated kingdom. Asking the question, “What would it look like for this business or vocation to be performed, managed, or owned by a citizen of God’s kingdom?” Living with this mentality allows Jesus to rise to the place of primacy in ones life (meaning all their spheres and areas).

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